During these difficult times we need to help each other. Vast majority of SMEs are failing in the times of the Corona economy. We strive to create an alternative economy based on CovidCoin thanks to which the financial loss can be greatly mitigated.

The economy is based on the idea that money keeps flowing from one source to another. However, during the corona times there is an overwhelming fear to invest within the markets, hence the economy slowly grinds to a halt.

With the growing financial uncertainty worldwide, CovidCoin is designed for creating an alternative economy where people trade with merchants who are negatively affected by the coronavirus. Besides, due to the fact that we are currently facing a financial crisis where world’s currencies may collapse, we created CovidCoin as a digital cryptocurrency fully able to substitute the current monetary system.

By purchasing CovidCoin you contribute to the creation of an alternative economy where you help keep SMEs afloat.

The world leaders do not yet realize that there is a high probability of the virus returning for a prolonged 12-18 months period, even though it can be contained for a short time. The periodical return of the virus was confirmed by the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team, for this reason it is necessary to prepare for the next waves of the coronavirus pandemia.

It is urgent to accept a new standard and start to create an alternative economy where everyone can thrive. CovidCoin is a cryptocurrency that has been designed especially for this purpose and due to its decentralized system it is perfectly suitable for the new alternative economy in the times of Coronavirus.

Chances are, that the Coronavirus outbreak can cost the global economy up to 2.7 trillion USD, therefore the market cap of CovidCoin is set up to cover the entire economical loss caused by the pandemia.

During these difficult times, enormous amounts of people are losing their jobs. For this reason, we designed a plan to give job to everyone who is interested in creating the CovidCoin network of traders, whereby it is possible to make unlimited amounts of money for whoever and everywhere. Even more importantly, we realize the importance of staying at home during the coronavirus pandemia, for this reason everyone can work online from home, make unlimited amounts of money and at the same time create a network of traders and merchants who are the building blocks of the alternative economy facilitated by the CovidCoin.